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The World Is A Stage....

There is a popular saying that “the world is a stage”, but the question we ask is “who is the audience?”. In the digital era that we live in, information is available at the click of a button. Living in the .com, .org, .net world we quickly learn that whilst we may live in Bermuda, our work, goals, visions and most importantly our passion is not confined to these shores. The world is indeed watching!

It is with this realization that we proudly announce that our Director, Tiffanne Thomas, will be presenting at the International Symposium on Social Sciences and Management (ISSSM) in Hokkaido, Japan (January 22-24, 2019). Ms Thomas’s empirical research into ethical leadership and the effects of culture on leadership led to Dr. Lonnie Morris of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology recommending her as a possible presenter for this prestigious event. International interest in child protection in Bermuda has increased as result of recent developments surrounding the Litigation Guardian role in Bermuda. Ms Thomas has been asked to speak on ‘Child Protection and the Influence of Culture on a Country’s Protections of Children’. ISSSM attracts professionals in the fields of leadership, medicine, technology, social services and economy (to name a few), creating the opportunity for these leaders to explore the intersections of their respective fields – as we do not operate in isolation. There is increased awareness that we are all connected, and every joint does indeed supply.

This marks the second international presentation for Ms. Thomas, who presented at the International Leadership Association’s Global Conference in Belgium in 2017 where she presented research on ethical leadership and the influence of organizational culture on the provision of human services. Join us as we celebrate yet another opportunity for Ms Thomas to represent the Island of Bermuda and Therapeutic Consulting Services in excellence.

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