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Therapeutic Consulting Services

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Who Are We

We specialize in assisting people with identifying and achieving their personal goals by coping with the issues that are preventing them from reaching a level of optimal performance.

We believe in giving a voice to the vulnerable and do so ethically, ensuring that the dignity of our clients is preserved. 

We take care in supporting the progress and success of our clients, and we look forward to working with you.

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Strength-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference

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Individual Therapy for Children and Adults

We incorporate a strengths-based approach to our services.  This is an evidenced based form of intervention that relies heavily upon the inherent strengths of our clients. This approach allows us to highlight these attributes as opposed to focusing solely on one's weaknesses, failures or deficiencies.  Such a perspective supports our clients with identifying their strengths, improving resilience, and supports individuals with shifting their worldview.  Research suggests that a strength based approached to therapy is empowering.

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Relationship Therapy

During relationship counseling a safe space is provided to explore the patterns of your individual and couple behaviors.  Through the process couples grow to be more conscious of their actions and decisions to enhance their level of functioning.

Group Discussion

Small Group Therapy

The fundamental goal of group therapy is to initiate a sense of belonging.  Most often, group therapy is recommended as part of a larger therapeutic approach to the need.  Throughout the process, the clinician supports group participants with sharing, bonding, and coping.

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Independent Child Representation 

The Bermuda Children Act 1998 Sec 35 makes provisions for children to have an independent representative in specified court proceedings.  In 2014, our Director was appointed as a Litigation Guardian in what was considered the first case of its kind.  To date, we continue to be the only company in Bermuda who has been appointed to represent children in such proceedings.

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“Making a change in the life of others is the most selfless act one can do”

Tiffanne K. Thomas - Director 


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